Cyprus. Crossroads of civilizations | Exhibition catalog

The catalog of the international exhibition at the Musei Reali in Turin, edited by Luca Bombardieri and Elisa Panero, promotes the immense heritage of archaeological artefacts that make up the exhibition. The exhibition, and the relevant catalog, highlight the Cypriot collection of the Musei Reali, which now numbers over 1,000 finds and is the oldest public collection of Cypriot antiquities outside the island and probably also the most chronologically complete.
The publication, with a preface by Dario Franceschini, the current Italian Minister of Culture, Minas Hadjimichael the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus, Andrea Cavallari the Ambassador of Italy to Cyprus and the Director of the Musei Reali of Turin Enrica Pagella, restores Italy’s international prestige as the cradle of civilisation, a fact lately overshadowed by the global health emergency we are undergoing.
Exhibiting a wealth of precious photographs, the exhibition catalog adds important pieces to what is known of the island of Cyprus, testifying for its readers the Cypriot evolution during the classical era. Known to contemporary society for its ceramics, the Cypriot civilisation pursued ideals of beauty, as evidenced by the statues dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite. The catalog highlights historical methodology in the research and reconstruction of sources, proving to be a valuable, supporting source of knowledge for an international parterre of experts.

Cypus. Crossroads of civilizations
Exhibition catalog

Edited by Luca Bombardieri, Elisa Panero

392 pages, 431 illustrations in black, 24 in color;
paperback and cover, format 240 × 280 mm
ISBN 978-1-913554-05-7
GBP 55.00

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