Donatella Donatelli. Be that woman

An interesting experimental path, aimed at highlighting the legacy of the ancestral culture related to the Medea, the Mediterranean Mother Goddess perceptible in current female faces, is immediately evident in the title of the catalogue regarding Donatella Donatelli’s photographic exhibition at the MANN (National Archeological Museum, Naples), Be That Woman. Contemporary Mythology.
The feminine features are a legacy witnessing the cultural influences present in the world, differences which converge in a aingle, all-inclusive symbology comprising the roles of Muse and mother, at the same time projecting feelings of love, a creative force and the sense of nature.
Women and girls, outlined in the complexity of their essence, confirming their feminine sensitivity. The portraits capture the transparency of the eyes, interiorizing and letting their vital energies surfacing through their magnetic gaze.
Donatella Donatelli takes a look at the contemporary female condition, analyzing once again the ethno-anthropological uniquenesses that continue to exert their fascination. The oriental geisha, for example, or the sultry eyes of a Muslim, express a femininity that is the result of centuries-old traditions that have survived the passage of time.
So, modern myths destined to survive the passage of time.

Donatella Donatelli
Be that woman

Edited by Chiara Reale

80 pages, 16 illustrations in black, 12 color;
Paperback, format 170 × 190 mm
ISBN 978-1-913554-02-6
GBP 15.00

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