Fontanarosa the Nativity

Fontanarosa the Nativity by Angelo Giusto, (preface by the Bishop of Avellino, Monsignor. Arturo Aiello, Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis), is a publication that illustrates effectively and evocatively a blend of art, popular tradition and spiritual yearning. The fluent and captivating narrative style, enriched with superb images, offers the reader ample opportunities for reflection. On the one hand, as Pope Francis points out, there is the artistic expression that creates a link with the dogmas of faith, making Jesus accessible to humanity, Man and God at once. On the other hand, as Monsignor Aiello and the Pope both point out, there is the importance of a traditional rituality, with its secular origins, seen in its creation. This Nativity brings back memories of the first Nativity scene, set up by St. Francis of Assisi in Greccio.
Considered in its entirety, the volume is a fascinating discovery of how valuable creativity is, where every Nativity is an expression of individual, singular interpretation. Whether the setting is sumptuous or essential, it converges the reader’s attention to the details in the arrangement of statues and the setting. There is an emphasis on the concepts of universal love, brotherhood and redemption which are implicit in the birth of Jesus.
The magnificence of the volume and its content, made even more intense by the beauty of the images, invites the reader to an aesthetic research which strives to capture the most hidden, sensitive aspects of its meaning. The quest becomes a spiritual and artistic journey through the genesis and evolution of this tradition, which keeps families and communities together.

Fontanarosa the Nativity

Angelo Giusto

96 pages, 9 illustrations in black, 7 in duotone, 51 color;
Hardcover, format 245 × 290 mm
ISBN 978-1-913554-03-3
GBP 30.00

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