Marcello Di Donato. Romae

The volume is an invitation to set out on a journey in historical memory using the author’s photos to rediscover the magic of Rome, the capital of Italy, focusing on its influence in the cultural and artistic creation. The history and the myth of the “Eternal City”, in fact, live again in Romae, the publication by Marcello Di Donato and edited by Christian Kaufmanm. Thanks to the sensitivity and uniqueness of a sequence of images, which let the mind space and time, in a journey back from the ancient imperial order to the current connotation.
The author’s shots are sharp and seek beauty in a detail, seeking to rediscover the mysticism that has always been a part of Rome. Rome, in fact, is also the symbol of Christianity and the photographic excursion captures the longing for the perception of the divinity in the reproduction of physical beauty as well, displayed in its classical aesthetic criteria.
The lens reflects a purple red glow on the images, symbolizing human passion in the desire for love and the search for perfection. The exhibit guides the reader on an emotional journey, in which the image is associated with the symbolic appeal of Rome, through the diffusion of artistically expressive forms, such as cinema, painting, architecture and literature.

Marcello Di Donato

Edited by Christian Kaufmann

80 pages, 32 illustrations in black, 15 color;
Paperback, format 170 × 190 mm
ISBN 978-1-913554-00-2
GBP 15.00

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