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Since the mid-1980s, a great emotional drive towards the technological developments and Steve Jobs’ success launching the Apple Macintosh, have brought to a long-lasting feasibility study on the creation of a business that should be shaped by the new technological methods. That’s how in 1988 Carmine De Angelis [born 1952, Torre le Nocelle (AV), Italy; BA in Business Sciences, MA in Filmmaking] founded his first company in Avellino, Italy: De Angelis Graphic Design, specializing in graphics, graphic design, filmsetting and third party publishing.

In the early 1990s, the company was renamed as De Angelis Editore and became member of AIE, the Italian Publishers Association, starting a true publishing activity and proposing publications that would have scientifically and educationally valuable contents and be meaningful and original.
In 2009, Carmine De Angelis started a new company called De Angelis Art, in Rome, which was a natural evolution from the previous business experiences and was now aiming at exclusive art publications and film and music productions.

The entrepreneurial development continued in 2015 in London, UK, where Carmine De Angelis founded DeArtcom Ltd, a publishing and film production company, taking on new challenges and starting a professional path that was enriched by the know-hows acquired over the years and by new goals in the art publishing and the production of documentary films.

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