Raffaele Della Fera. Works of art in two millennia

Raffaele Della Fera
Works of art in two millennia

Edited by Martine Chantal Fantuzzi

An extraordinary catalogue, edited by Martine Chantal Fantuzzi, which fascinates the reader for its artistic poetry, ranging from nature to memory, from femininity to onirism. With his chromaticism, Raffaele Della Fera sketches a kaleidoscope of emotions, creating a path that while searching for beauty, also seems to propose the artist’s spiritual dimension.
There are many creative cues, from the memory of the artist’s father, that of his father-in-law, the famous Carlo Alleva, the representation of the town, Calabritto, destroyed by the earthquake and then rebuilt, to the glitter of colours present thanks an ecstatic nature, from the melancholic gaze of young women, to their anxious expectation for something or someone.
In this itinerary of images and sensations, also tactile, the observer finds the vital energy to face anxieties and uncertainties, letting himself be carried away by the emphasis of feelings which, like the wind, sweep away the harshness of the daily path.

144 pages, 16 illustrations in black, 116 color;
Hardcover, format 220 × 240 mm
ISBN 978-1-913554-01-9
GBP 25.00

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